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Dr. Ben Kim's Organic Greens Powder


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If you are looking for an organic food source of easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to support your health, here are a few reasons why I can recommend this organic green food blend, and why I have used this formula to support my own health since its inception in 2003:  

  • It is a blend of 100 percent organic and wild-crafted whole foods - it does not contain any synthetic vitamins, chemicals, or preservatives.

  • It does not contain any fillers. Many green food supplements contain large amounts of apple pectin, rice starch, bran, lecithin, ground seeds, grains, and other materials that allow manufacturers to include less expensive green vegetables. Our green food formula has only organic and wild-crafted green vegetables, which makes it extremely dense in nutrients and effective in supporting optimal nourishment and cleansing.

  • It contains a comprehensive probiotic formula, providing friendly intestinal bacteria that are vital to supporting optimal immune system and digestive health.

  • It contains a comprehensive mixture of digestive enzymes that can enhance digestive efficiency and decrease unnecessary burden on your digestive organs, particularly your liver and pancreas.

  • It ensures optimal nourishment of your cells with the numerous health-promoting antioxidants and phytochemicals that naturally occur in green vegetables. These micronutrients are easily absorbed into your bloodstream, much like the nutrients in freshly pressed green vegetable juices.

  • Ounce for ounce, it is one of the least expensive green food products available throughout North America – remarkable when you consider its exceptional nutrient-density and filler-free status.  Approximately 33 pounds of fresh organic greens go into producing each pound of organic green food powder.

  • It comes in an amber glass jar with a metal lid, both of which ensure optimal preservation of the nutrients in this organic blend.

Some of the common health benefits observed by long term users of our organic green food blend include:

  • Less frequent colds and flus

  • Improved mental focus and clarity

  • More energy

  • Improved digestion

  • Healthier, softer skin

  • Improved blood sugar level and blood pressure

  • Reduction of and sometimes complete recovery from food-related and seasonal allergies

  • Detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins that have accumulated over time

Here is a list of the organic and wild-crafted plants, enzymes, and probiotics found in our organic green food formula:

Land Vegetables: Organic Stinging Nettle Leaf, Organic Dandelion Leaf, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Oat Grass, Organic Parsley Leaf, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Holy Basil 

Algae: Organic Spirulina, Organic Broken Cell Wall Chlorella

Sea Vegetables: Organic Kelp, Organic Dulse, Organic Nori (Lavar) 

Enzyme Complex: Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Bromelain, Papain, Alpha-Galactosidase

Comprehensive Probiotic Mixture - Health-Enhancing Intestinal Bacteria:
L. plantarum, L. paracasei, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, S. thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus

Please click here to view the full label for our Organic Green Food Blend:

NC_TEMPLATE_1250cc_13 x 4_AMBER_Glass

Suggested Serving Size: 1 scoop (included), equal to about 6.1 grams.

Suggested Usage: Start with one flat teaspoon per day and increase gradually over two weeks to one scoop per day.  This blend can be mixed with water or juice, preferably freshly squeezed vegetable juice. It can also be blended with a fruit smoothie.

If you experience temporary beneficial cleansing reactions such as loose stools, you can reduce daily intake to one teaspoon or less, and gradually increase to one scoop over a two-week period.

Because this super green food formula is made exclusively with organic food, it is non-toxic and can be taken in larger amounts if intense cleansing and nourishment are desired. 

Quotes From People Who Use Our Greens:

My family just received more GREENS. I can't believe how fast they came - Thank you, we were completely out! I swear the GREENS and your Vitamin C have kept my Dad alive. He has peripheral neuropathy and takes a shocking amount of pharmaceutical drugs on a daily basis, including Methadone for his intense chronic pain.

When he ran out, he got so sick within days. I had to overnight him the GREENS and Vitamin C and he was so much improved within just a couple of days!

Also, I have a kitty that almost died twice due to a heart condition. She was given less than a 1% chance of survival. She survived and we took her to a cardiologist who said she may not live a month. That was almost a year ago and she is going strong. I don't know if I am supposed to, but I put a small amount of GREENS into her all-natural organic kitty food a few times a week and I bet she is doing so well because of it. IT IS MIRACLE FOOD!

I have had my daughter on the Vitamin C and GREENS since she was a little baby and she is so healthy and strong. People ask what my secret is and I tell them I avoid conventional doctors and all doctors unless she is sick, which is virtually never, we do not vaccinate and give her GREENS and the Vitamin C daily. They say yuck and most are shocked and some appalled, but she loves them mixed in some juice and the proof is in the pudding.

If I forget to drink my GREENS and Vitamin C, I feel like I am run down in just a couple of days, so does my husband and my business partner. We eat almost completely organic and natural healthy foods, so you would think that was enough, but it's not. I swear by your products and appreciate you taking care of my family, even if it is from afar.

Nichol Nelson


Dr. Kim,

I have just re-ordered your greens, thank you for recommending this product. Before trying it, I literally had no energy. I could work, but not much else - it was a challenge to get out of bed. My quality of life was nonexistent.

Now after 3 weeks, I am a different person. I didn't have to make an effort to change my diet, once I began to take the greens, the cravings for starches and sweets diminished, and I mix it with plain water only. I have suggested that my mother take it as well, and she also thinks its great.

Best of health, wealth & success to you and your family.

Crys Smith
New Jersey


I love to use it in my son's smoothies. It is a great way to get green nutrients in his diet since the mere smell of broccoli and spinach makes him gag!! I feel so relieved when he slurps down the last bit of smoothie made with raw chocolate powder and a teaspoon of super green food...he usually asks for another one!!

Kimberly Forzley, Marietta, GA


Love the product. I drink it mixed with 4 ounces of chilled filtered water. I use a small shaker cup and love the taste of it pure. It gives me comfort knowing that so many good things have entered my body and I feel better when I take it on a daily basis. For about three weeks I actually took it twice a day to give my system an extra cleanse and boost.

Marcella, California


Simply the best there is!

F. Reinthaler, Gatineau, Quebec


Very good. Makes me feel very energetic.

D. Gehring, Port Perry, ON


It appeared to cut my craving for sweets and offered some assurance of proper nutrition while on the road.

Mike, Utah


I definitely notice a different with my immune system when I am taking this. As a teacher, I am always around kids and their germs. As long as I take this, I hardly get sick.

Marie Monks, Trumbull, CT


My husband and I have been using this product for about 2 years. We seem to never be sick and we are in our 60's, so that's a good thing. We add flax seed and a banana. We use water as we are not juice drinkers.

Penny, CA


I add the super green food to smoothies and sprinkle it over my pet's food. My energy level has increased and I feel better overall. My dog is just the picture of good health. Her coat is glossy, her eyes are bright. Thank you for this great product.

Kim Roush, Antioch, TN


I started using this product in 2005. I haven't had a sinus infection since and I've only had one cold. No kidding! And I believe that cold was due to a highly stressful family event that drained me emotionally. I attribute my strong immune system to this product because the large amount of probiotics it contains keeps my body strong and able to fight off bugs and viruses I may encounter. I do believe it needs to be taken daily--not just in the winter.

E. DeFrias, Longmont, CO


I use greens every day, usually in the morning. I am 52 years old, no weight or other health problems and I strongly feel greens are part of my excellent health. My body feel strong like it's saying "this is what I really need to be that way." I try to eat mostly organic food but living in Alberta means very seasonal and limited choices. Green food is what fills the gap between summers.

- Jolanta Pankowska, Calgary, AB


I am a huge fan of the super green product. This year I haven't had as much trouble with my allergies as in the years past.

D. Woods, New Braunfels, TX


I have been using the greens for quite a while and truly believe that it has helped me get through two separate cases of Lymphoma.

Ken Pekarek Sr, Sagola, MI


This is the only food supplement that I would consider a must for everyone. I 've used almost every green drink product on the market and Dr Ben Kim's is the purest and best value. Best thing a person can put in their body.

Dan Button, Dundas, ON


Yes, loving it. I've only used it a week, but it is superior compared to other Green Formulas. I am alert in the afternoon. It gives me energy in the a.m. and I feel like I am doing something good for me. I am hoping to realize more benefits the longer I am on it.

A Mom, Sierra Madre, CA


I mix the Super Greens into vegetable juice for breakfast. Using it keeps my intestine in the great condition it is in after my fast at your clinic, even on occasions when I eat things I know I shouldn't.

Marlene Hoeft


From the Glass bottle to the quality ingredients and the speedy delivery I don't think there is a better Super Green product on the market today.

GEM, Austin, TX


Have been using it for three years and will continue to use for the rest of my life.

Libby, Auckland, New Zealand


I like the fact that it is raw, organic and tasty in my smoothies.

A. Harper, Greenwood, MO


I use it religiously and have found it to cure a scalp problem I have.

Frances, Miramar, FL


In an ever tightening economy, it has become necessary to eliminate many "essentials" from my budget. One item I have NOT and will not delete, is Dr. Kim's Super Greens. I have taken greens since the mid-80's, including barley, wheat grass juice, super blue green algae, spirulina, etc. Now that I've discovered Dr. Kim's super green food product, all the rest are history. This product has everything my body needs for optimal health, with no additives or fillers.

Michael Carey, Florida Mountains


Of all the green products I've tried, this one seems to be the best. My husband says it keeps him regular. We seem to get sick less or not at all.

Carolyn Fieman, Mechancisburg, PA


I love it! I have a spoonful a day in water along with a spoonful of the vitamin C powder. I am rarely sick, and when I do get sick it doesn't last long. I really believe it is because of this simple routine along with healthy eating in general.

M. Robb, Chandler, AZ


I know this product provides me with the daily "greens" needed per day. I drank in smoothies every day when I was pregnant

K. Barlow, Reno, NV


I have been on the Greens for about 3 years now, and would not go a day without it! My acne has pretty much cleared up and I have noticed that my allergies are not nearly as bad as they had been before taking the greens.

Nick Hughes, Bolivar, MO


I am definitely more energized when I take the super greens on a regular basis.

Barbara La Chant, Jericho, NY


I use the super green every day -- it seems to help with my IBS, immune system, and joint inflammation.

Janice, Sacramento, Ca


A true super food. Not only supports the body with quick absorption of vitamins and minerals, but also, gives excellent probiotic and enzyme support for the digestive system.

Tineas Brand, Tienus Brand, Buckhorn On, Natureselements.ca


The Super Green Food is a terrific supplement. Following a full knee replacement last year I found the healing was really fast and felt energized following the anesthetic and first days of recovery.

Filipa, Portugal


Since I have been taking your super green food product I rarely get ill, the worst I've come down with was a slight flu. My energy level has improved as well as my skin and overall appearance. People keep commenting on how good I look and my girlfriends often ask me if I've had "something done".

A.Lorenzon, Italy


My husband has been consuming the greens every day faithfully for a couple years, he will be 75 in a few days, and can still out work me at 50, he swears by the greens and a positive attitude, with a whole lot of passion for life.

Michiline, Cosby


Hello Dr. Kim,

I've just received my first order of Greens. Thank you! Boy, was I surprised to see the size of the bottle...It's humongous. I realize that you mention the weight of the product on your site, but I really didn't pay attention to that. So I suggest that you take a picture of you holding it just so people can see that they are not getting a regular vitamin bottle for $50 but a 2 month supply jar. It might help the sales too... ;-)


P.S. Love your site!



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can pregnant women, infants, and children take this organic green food formula?

Yes. This formula is made with whole foods only.  Anyone - children, infants, and pregnant women included - can take these greens, though when pregnant, it is prudent to clear  everything you take with your physician.

Is this organic green food formula 100 percent raw and made of plants only?

Yes. this formula is a 100 percent raw, vegan product, made out of the highest quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients available.

Do your greens have to be kept in the refrigerator? How long does it keep for?

This organic green food blend does not have to be refrigerated, although doing so won't affect its health value. Just be sure not to use a wet utensil inside of the jar.  As long as you don't get the contents wet, the contents will keep for a minimum of three years.

What kind of container does this formula come in?

Our organic green food formula comes in an amber-colored glass jar with a metal lid for maximum nutrient preservation.

How is this organic green food formula different from other green food products on the market?

Many green food products use inexpensive fillers like lecithin, oat bran, apple pectin, apple fiber, seeds, and grains - these filler ingredients are fine, but in our view, they lower the overall nutrient value of a green food blend.  Our organic green food formula includes only high quality, nutrient dense green plants, delivering highest possible health-enhancing value per ounce.  

If I take these greens, can I do away with my multi-vitamin? Does this formula have everything that I need in a nutritional supplement?

Although our organic green food formula provides a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, it does not provide vitamin D, which is arguably the most common nutrient deficiency in first world nations today.  If you are not already supplementing with vitamin D-3, you can include a source of vitamin D-3 along with this organic green food blend.

Or you can look at our Organic Whole Food Multi, which can be taken as a stand-alone multi.

Is this formula gluten-free?

Yes, our organic green food formula is 100 percent gluten-free.

Add Your Review
Barbi on 01/30/2023 12:24pm
I%u2019ve been using the Greens powder for about a year. I love it! I add it to my salad dressing, sprinkle it over pasta, mix it with yogurt to make a raw veggie dip, add it to saut�ed mushrooms, try it!
Glee on 02/09/2022 03:26pm
This is an amazing product. Over time it has resolved my constipation and made me regular. I will never be without this. I take this with the Proteolytic Enzymes and it has been a game changer.
Patricia Westervelt on 11/15/2021 03:34pm
My fingernails are long and strong! Doing better physically. This is a staple in my morning smoothie and my Life!
Sharon Lee on 09/10/2021 07:51pm
I like to start each morning with a green shot - water/juice mixed with green powder - and after trying a number of various greens blends, this product is my absolute favourite. It's tasty and nutrient dense. I 100% recommend this product!
Sandra on 01/04/2021 07:38pm
Great product, just disappointed in how much it continues to increase in price!!
Kelli Danner on 08/11/2020 06:22pm
I started using Dr. Kim Greens in 2015 .it is an amazing product1 scoop in my green drink daily.thank you Dr. Kim
Nancy Jager on 09/10/2019 05:01pm
My first Bottle .Wow No Extreme fatigue I can go all Day,afternoons No Wipe outs !!!
No Brain Fog, I got my life back!! I even lost 10 lbs with out trying, it stops the
cravings I'm not hungry. This product will change your LIFE ! My little dogs LOVE it too! Thanks DR. Kim Many Blessings Nan
Patricia Singer on 01/05/2019 12:44pm
I am on my second jar now. I start my morning with a large glass of water with juice from 1/2 lemon and a t1 tbs of greens powder mixed in. My body likes this stuff and I feel more energetic and clear minded after drinking it. I had chemo after having breast cancer 4 years ago and it was not until starting drinking this that I've felt more like my old self and my digestive issues are improving. Thank you Dr. Kim!
Kelly on 05/22/2017 11:29am
Been using Dr. Kim's Greens for about many years and haven't been to a doctor in that time. Tried many others, this is the best by far. I rarely get sick, I feel better, I think better when I use it every day.
Joe on 11/03/2016 10:32am
I love this product, it gave me more energy and I feel better. I recommend trying this product out.
Eliz on 09/07/2016 12:21pm
I felt after using the greens my body had more energy. It was an easy way to incorporate more greens into my diet. Love Dr. Ben Kim and his advice and products!
Victoria Ann on 08/27/2016 01:51pm
I have been using Dr. Ben Kim's Organic Greens for several years now. I mix the Organic Greens powder with his Acerola Vitamin C powder in a tall glass of water every morning. I have been doing this for 3.5 years without missing one single day. I am a nanny, and have worked with a LOT of sick children over the years, and not once have I ever gotten sick or missed a day or work. I am 52 years old, and recently my doctor told me (after a full lipid/metabolic panel) I am healthier than most 30 year olds. I definitely attribute my excellent health to Dr. Ben's Organic Greens & Acerola Vitamin C, along with eating a clean, nutritious whole foods diet. Dr. Kim also has amazing recipes and other resources to aid in optimum nutrition. I especially love the fact that he attended school in Chicago, which is where I reside. He has earned my full trust and respect over the years.
Suzette Payne on 06/24/2016 12:13pm
I have only been taking the greens for a short while but already I am feeling the benefit. I feel so much better and my joints don't hurt and my tummy upsets seem to be a thing of the past. Love them and have just ordered more.
Kathryn Kennedy on 05/25/2016 05:01pm
My kids and I love this green food. When I give it to them on a daily basis during the cold and flu season they don't get sick.
Josephine D'Agostino on 05/10/2016 12:18pm
A daily serving of the greens and the acerola vitamin C is my late afternoon go-to treat for hunger and stamina. I haven't been able to find a comparable product of this quality anywhere else.
Steve Bagienski on 05/07/2016 04:44pm
I was a fan of these greens back in 2009 when I used to have ulcerative colitis, but ever since then I really started learning and taking care of my health. The greens helped back then but I stopped for a while due to financial issues. Recently I got hooked again, and I noticed my abs were starting to pop out more. I've been feeling pretty great & definitely think greens have helped (I've also had some other dietary and lifestyle changes). I'd definitely recommend them! Other greens (like athletic greens) are close to 100 for a month's supply so the price is really great too! I don't think everyone would agree with me, but personally the taste of it in plain water is good and not as bitter as I'd expect.
G Cruz on 05/06/2016 01:08pm
Best organic greens product I've ever used.
Adrienne on 05/06/2016 11:52am
I have been trying green drinks for years trying to find the right one. This product is the best thing I have ever put in my body. If I had to stop taking all my supplements this is the one I would fight to keep taking. It has completely balanced my digestive system and I struggled terribly with constipation, bloating, pain and gas, my whole life. I rarely have any complaints today. the difference is incredible. I usually get sick in the winter at least once maybe twice. I do not stay sick for long but this year nothing and everyone around me was sick multiple times. Not me :) Its the greens, I know it is. It is hard to find the right products for your body specifically since there are so many. This is the right one for me.
Wanda Martin on 05/06/2016 09:14am
I hope never to be without the greens again. Once a day, in juice, and no gas, no diarrhea, no constipation. I don't feel sluggish and after 6 months, I know it is not just a temporary thing. Love the greens!
Kelly Keith on 05/05/2016 06:50pm
I've been using Dr. Ben Kim's Greens for around 12 years, and I haven't been to a doctor for at least as long. I'm 60. My girlfriend started about 3 years ago and because of the positive effect on her skin and general health she now won't let a day go by without it. We mix it with organic blueberries (frozen) and bananas in organic juice. Wait for the deal and buy several jars like I do.
Judy Jones on 05/05/2016 06:46pm
This is one of the products I use most often. I have tried many other forms of greens products, but this one always comes out on top as the best, or most appropriate one for me. In my case, it has everything to do with the quality of nutrition that I need.
Whitney on 05/05/2016 06:17pm
I purchased 6 bottles of the Greens to replace a multi formula. I started with just 1 tsp and worked up to a scoop as suggested. I had stomach pains when I drank this. I brought it to work thinking it would be a good mid-day drink so I had only water to mix with it; maybe juice would have had a different affect. I spent a lot of money so I tried a few more time but always got a stomach ache. I do use other greens products and I don't have that problem. I am sure it is a nutritious food; I don't understand why it didn't work for me.
Tena on 05/05/2016 05:18pm
We are on our 2nd bottle now and love it. My 93-year-old mother also likes it, as well as our 22-year-old nephew, for staying healthy and feeling better.
Laurie Lawson on 05/05/2016 03:55pm
I love that this has sea veg in it, otherwise, I'd never get it any other way. Sea veg means my thyroid should be humming along nicely, since my mom has to take a script for hers - hypo. I wonder if she took this, would her thyroid issue resolve itself while taking her Rx until she no longer has to? It would seem worth a try, even though low iodide isn't always just the problem. Back to me: I have significant neck issues (MRI shows stenosis), so maybe the bromelain and the other enzymes are helping reduce pain. I HAVE felt less pain lately! (But, I'm also sipping bone broth with extra collagen powder, so maybe it's all doing some good.) I guess I'm sort of surprised this has grasses and leaves for land veg. Not a kale or spinach leaf in sight, lol. Dr Kim, do you think a person needs to take a B supp on top of this? We need a certain amount, and I have no idea if I get enough w/o supplementing, aside from this supplement. One more item: I love that this detoxifies, esp heavy metals. I feel super good doing something about that!


Laurie Lawson
Jacqueline Fletcher on 05/05/2016 01:04pm
I take a mixture of the Greens, Vit C cherry powder, and the Organic Whole Food Multi powder mixed with Coconut Milk powder a banana and a Tbsp of peanut butter. I feel great except for feeling a bit more gas than usual. I was not as sore after my morning workout. I'm still monitoring for before and after improvements.
Jackie Choi on 05/05/2016 12:48pm
I have been using this product on and off for the past few years and am convinced we cannot go without it anymore. Great stuff for longevity of our entire family health.
Thank you!
Natalie Bullock Brown on 12/25/2015 04:36pm
Great stuff!
Ida Works on 11/13/2015 07:49am
I'm on my second jar of this and I love it. I ordered tha Acerola powder with the second jar and together they help me to feel nourished. Thankyou Dr Kim for these awesome products. I can't say enough great things about these. Have a wonderful day sir. Long time follower of you newsletter. Thanks again.
SK on 09/21/2015 03:48pm
Though I am huge Fan of your products and used to Love these greens they recently changed there formulations and deleted lot of good herbs from there greens. So these are not very potent as there earlier version was. Thank you for your feedback. Our most recent version (5.0) is more nutrient-dense than any previous version, as we added more of the minerally-dense organic greens that the vast majority of people digest very easily to replace smaller amounts of some of the botanicals that were in version 4.0. Thus far, overall feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. For anyone who finds version 5.0 less effective than 4.0, we offer a full satisfaction guarantee. - Ben Kim
Carolyn on 08/26/2015 08:25pm
The new formula is not as effective for digestive purposes as the older formula was. I prefer the former formula. I've been taking the greens for several years and find the new formula to be less effective.

Thank you for your feedback, Carolyn. Version 5.0 is about 90 percent identical to the previous version by weight and proportion of raw ingredients; the only changes were removal of the smaller amounts of some botanicals and an increase in weight of the other ingredients to improve overall mineral density. Hopefully, with a few months of use, you will find the same benefits to be there, as feedback thus far has been quite positive. - Ben Kim
Rashid on 07/31/2015 11:51pm
I began taking the greens when I was nursing my 1 year old and pregnant, I had the energy of an 80 year old and could barely function. Within taking the greens for 2 weeks, it was as if all my former complaints were imagined. I like that the greens used are not the ones high in oxalates nor the ones that need to be cooked. This powder has the greens that can be eaten raw without being detrimental to one's health. My children love it an my husband feels better with it. It is pricey but the difference in health is significant.
Marilyn Betlach on 07/27/2015 11:41pm
My husband and I both love this product. We take it everyday as an assurance that we are getting good nutrition in our body. We are hardly ever sick and have more energy.
Susanne Adamson on 07/27/2015 01:05pm
The absolute best %u2014 and delicious! Green drinks have been recommended by healers for ages. I've enjoyed many of them over a substantial lifetime and this one is the most life-giving of all.
Alice Harper on 07/27/2015 12:41pm
I have taken your Organic green powder for years and tho I am 73 my blood work and blood pressure are that of about a 40 year old! Yes, I still have a few health issues like under functioning gall bladder, and thyroid and not as much energy that I had a few years ago but I am not complaining! Just don%u2019t ever stop selling your green powder!
Aditya Kajwe on 07/27/2015 02:42am
The first noticeable improvement, within a few days, was improved bowel movements. As a result, I began to feel more energetic and light, as if floating through the air. I will definitely buy this again through my friends whenever they visit the USA, as the shipping costs to my country are high.
Kelly Porter on 07/26/2015 07:03pm
I LOVE THESE GREENS!!!! They are so much easier then making sure I always have fresh spinach or kale to add to my smoothies.They are convenient, wonderfully nutritious and mixed with fruit, they taste good!!!
The best part: I have suffered from chronic constipation, my whole lifeI've tried EVERYTHING and nothing ever helped me until nowAs long as I am using these greens, at least, 3-4 times a week, I NEVER have problems with constipation any more!!! yay!!!!
Olga Vinarova on 07/26/2015 03:00pm
This is a wonderful product. While taking daily, it seem to stabilize my overall body energy and makes me feel younger and healthier. Better hair and skin. Recommend to try it everyone.
Michelle K. on 07/26/2015 01:57pm
I found this when I was looking for a supplement to clear up my skin. I was eating well, exercising, doing all the right things and yet I couldn't shake repeated breakouts of the deep kind that hurt when you press on them.

I don't know what it is in these greens that made the difference but my skin was completely new within less than half a year. I have even noticed that some darker marks that were leftover scars from those that I had popped too aggressively have gotten lighter.

Taking these greens has changed my life literally. Thank you Dr. Kim for recommending this during a real dark hour for me.
Breanne on 07/13/2015 10:07pm
I'd like to relay a story about my 6 month old baby boy. He was born at 4 lbs 4 ounces. He was full term and fully developed, but the doctors insisted on keeping him from me in an incubator as a precaution for 6 days after he was born. I went through hell and back to ensure he was breastfed. Even when nurses were trying to bottle feed him out of convenience. I'm happy to say that he is now almost 13 lbs, he has never been sick or even had a rash. He has been super healthy, for the most part.

At 4 1/2 months though, I had stopped taking your greens because I ran out. My son started having trouble with constipation. He went for up to 12 days without a BM. My in laws took this opportunity to scoff at my natural health approach and tried to intervene. I did have to use suppositories for a time to give my son relief. I just could not understand why my breastfed baby could be constipated. Looking back now I feel so stupid, I was also having constipation trouble, I obviously was lacking healthy digestive bacteria. The Dr's only advice was to feed him apple for the fiber, apple juice as well. Nothing I fed him worked. I've been taking your greens for a month, and I'm happy to report that for the last 2 weeks, my son has been regular, and much happier. I had no where to turn for advice on this issue. A lot of other moms don't breastfeed, even the older women in my life with 3 grown children, didn't have a clue - just go to the doctor! Being a 1st time mom, I'm glad I figured out the problem and started back on your greens. I will be sure to take them before, during, and after my next pregnancy!

Thank you Dr. Kim. God bless you and your family!
George C. on 03/19/2014 06:16am
Within about 3 months of taking this, I noticed one day that my congestion was solved. Ever since I was a teenager, I have had people everywhere ask me if I had a cold because I sounded so stuffed up all the time. I don't know how this helped me but my hunch is that it changed the way my immune system handles things like dr. Kim explains with leaky gut and how once the gut heals the immune system gets stronger.

I took the amount that he suggested at three and a half teaspoons a day split up into two doses (I am about 170 to 175 pounds).
Ulrike on 02/17/2014 01:18pm
This was not the cure-all I was hoping it would be, but I would not now want to live without it. When I'm feeling a bit tired and/or haven't been eating enough greens, this is what I crave. Definitely a daily habit now!
Thanks for the capsules, they'll be handy for travelling!
Ulrike on 02/17/2014 01:09pm
This was not the cure-all I was hoping it would be, but I would not now want to live without it. When I'm feeling a bit tired and/or haven't been eating enough greens, this is what I crave. Definitely a daily habit now!
Thanks for the capsules, they'll be handy for travelling!
Jess on 07/30/2013 12:09pm
This totally cleared up my acne. I suffered for two years with deep cystic acne that kept coming up on my cheeks. I took the greens twice a day every day and my face is now back to normal...it took three months. Thanks so much, I will be taking this for life!
Jackie on 03/02/2013 07:54am
I bought this product because I felt I was not eating enough vegetables and my skin looked drab. I gave a good friend of mine some so that we could do this together. It has been about 8 days. We both have alot more energy through out the day. I put it in 100% pure OJ to mask the flavor. I take this with the Norwegian cod liver oil, I think my skin looks better too. I recommend
Diana Boeke on 08/06/2012 07:47am
I've been wanting to thank Dr. Kim for his great Greens for a few years now. In 2009, I fell off my bike and ripped open a big gash in my thigh which required 18 stitches. The ER doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon for follow up, just to make sure there wasn't other damage. Well, I met with the orthopedic doctor a week after the injury occurred. He looked at the injury, looked at his chart again, and said, "There must be some kind of mistake. It says here this happened just a week ago, but it's obviously been a few weeks for that much healing to have occurred." When I confirmed it had only been a week, he asked, "what are you eating?" I could only think that Dr. Kim's Greens was making the difference. I don't take them as regularly these days, but I do crave them, and seeing the reviews for how it helped with osteoarthritis makes me want to be a regular user again.
Ersin on 05/26/2012 11:11pm
I just finished my first bottle . I use it every morning with the Acerola cherry in my water bottle, shake it up and ready to go!!!!
I love it . It so good for my skin , after afew weeks, everyone at work thought I start using make up ,my skin never look this good . I am 48 years young male !!!!!!
Lise on 02/23/2012 09:05pm
I swear up and down by this product (well anything recommended by Dr. Kim) but I have had GI problems for the last 2 years and ever since I have been taking the Greens Powder I have been feeling so much better, I combine the greens with Dr. Kim's Vitamin C Powder together every morning in a smoothie and I'm ready to go. I also take a Tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil every morning as well. These are the BEST greens out there and they really work. Thanks Dr. Kim!
margie on 12/14/2011 03:19pm
I'm hooked! My energy level and skin both improved very quickly. This powder makes me feel GOOD!
Michael on 11/09/2011 02:40pm
Dr. BEN KIM,S Greens and vitamin C are an excellent choice of supplements to consume for strengthening your immune system.
Ahvia on 09/24/2011 10:57pm
Love the greens! I've been taking greens for only two weeks and already notice a difference. I use a tablespoon with 10 oz of water first thing in the morning. Gives me a "happy feeling". My skin is glowing and my eyeballs are white.
Diana on 06/13/2011 09:07pm
I have been using Dr Ben Kim's Greens
Brian on 05/08/2011 12:31pm
I stocked up on the Greens a few years ago. I tend to go through periods of forgetting to take them everyday, but when I start up again, I can definitely see a difference in my energy levels and complexion. I usually just chug the powder with a glass of room temp water. The flavor isn't pleasant, but I assume no one is on this web site searching for the tastiest way to healthfulness. It tastes exactly as it should.
Kathryn on 01/13/2011 05:22am
I haven't used your products in awhile because of my financial situation and sure do miss this Green Powder. It helped me so much with many health issues and gave me sustained energy throughout the day. I would recommend your products to anyone interested in quality natural whole food products that come from a place of integrity. God bless you
Sam Chung on 11/16/2010 10:58pm
My wife, two boys, and I take the greens along with the Acerola cherry concentrate daily. We mix it with orange juice for the kids. It has kept us feeling energetic and regular. We will keep taking it! Thanks Dr. KIm!
abigail gonzalez on 10/11/2010 04:54pm
I love the greens. It lasts for two months. It keeps me regular, gives me energy. My mom likes it too, so we are for the second one. The taste is not bad if you consider all the benefits you get. it is better with water and drink it right away.
Matthew Scott on 08/14/2010 12:09am
I'm on my 4th bottle of Greens and have particularly noticed its internal cleansing effect and improvement in bowel function and skin.

After the 3rd bottle I deliberately stopped taking it for a few weeks and definitely noticed a difference.

A couple of days after starting my 4th bottle my nose began running like a tap (I did not have a cold, allergy, sinus trouble etc) and for the next 2 days I blew a lot of thick, sticky mucus out of my nose. I am certain it was the Greens doing its cleansing job.

An excellent product which I now recommend on my website: Chinese-health-exercises.com
Kelly on 09/29/2009 09:16am
I have tried mixing greens with every combination and have found it is easiest and best when taken with plain water. The taste is not bad and it even gives me an instant feeling of comfort and well-being. Forget starchy comfort foods! Forget unhealthy and illicit drugs! These greens are better.
Rena Mitchell on 06/22/2009 06:35pm
Dr. Ben Kim's Greens are truly the best anyone can find, and for the price, how could anyone turn it down. I will never use any other kind of greens again.
Dr. Ben Kim's Greens in combination with his Cod Liver Oil cured me of my osteoarthritis, I am forever grateful for this.
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